• Organising vacational training programs in agriculture & allied enterprises
  • Front Line Demonstrations on major Oil seeds, Pulses,& Cereals & other Horticulture crops.
  • In-service training for the field level extension functionaries.
  • On farm testing on major problems of crops.
  • Organising consultancy service.
  • KVK has also extended its supporting hand in the formation of clubs for serving the farming community in a different way.

The clubs formed under KVK guidance are:

  • 100 tonne Sugarcane Club
  • Organic Club
  • Technology Transfer Club
  • Sugarcane Club

Brief ....

  • The club was formed during January 2002. 240 farmers till now have registered as the members of the club.
  • To become the member of the club.
  • Farmer should grow Sugarcane crop.
  • One should be interested in achieving higher yields.
  • Farmer should pay Rs. 100 as the membership fee.


  • The club has following Objectives
  • Farmers who are enrolled as the members of the club should grow Sugar crop and aim in achieving high yields.
  • Organising monthly meetings of the club.
  • Members are made to visit to the progressive farmer's field or research station.
  • Farmers who attain higher yields in Sugarcane crop will be awarded.

Key Benefits

  • Confidence building among sugarcane groups at attain higher yield.
  • Reduction in cost of cultivation.
  • Interaction with fellow farmers on various agricultural technologies & problems in farming.