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Kharif rainfed mixed cropping area, covering laterite soils.
Under rainfed conditions, Red gram is grown as a mixed crop with hybrid Sorghum, Blackgram, Sesamum, Soybean and Greengram, Blackgram and Cowpea area as a mixed crop in Sorghum.

Rainfed double cropped area in medium black soil
a. Blackgram/ Greengram / Soybean Jowar / Bengalgram Sesamum /td>
b. Kharif Jowar Safflower / Sunflower / Bengalgram / Coriander Sesamum

Rainfed double cropped area in medium block soils.

Under this situation sugar cane is a predominant crop. The other crops raised under well irrigation are wheat, Bengalgram, hybrid jowar, vegetables and fruits crops and ground nut (spreading) and paddy to some extent.

Cropping in Deep Black soils under canal irrigation.

Hybrid cotton occupies major area in this situation. Chilli, Onion and Wheat also included in the multiple cropping patterns which is followed in this area.

Kharif rain fed cotton in medium black soil.

In Bhalki and Aurad talukas, in medium black soils, kharif rainfed cotton is in an area of around 8000 ha. Arboreum grown as rotation crop. the yield of cotton is 2.5 to 3.0 lint/ ha.

The rabi-jowar yield were 5 - 6 q/ha.

Kharif rainfed paddy area.

Paddy is cultivated in low lying area of the zone during Kharif season under rainfed conditions. The area under this situation is around 13,700 ha. Local variety is used for drill sowing, the level around 15 q/ha.